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QtVlm Menu


  • Quit or Quit swithout saving
  • Show/Hide opponants, gates, POIs, etc....


  • Show/Hide qtVlm toolbar
  • Configure horn (will play a sound at a given date/time).

Grib Menu


  • Open an existing grib file
  • Close the current grib file
  • Download a grib file (select a zone first, up to 8 days) (more help)
  • Download one of the 4 available grib files from VLM (5 days of forecast)
  • Request through mail a SailDocs grib (max 16 days) for the selected zone
  • Open/Close sea currents grib
  • Information about the current loaded grib file
  • 4 buttons to show/hide meteo componants
  • Meteo faxes open/close: Allows to display meteo faxes with various parameters (more help).

Boat Menu


  • Account parameters to define VLM account or real boat ( more help)
  • Boat parameters to setup various options for a specific boat (more help)
  • Races parameters opens a dialog to define which opponents to display and other options (more help)
  • VLM Sync synchronizes qtVlm with VLM
  • AutoPilot opens the autoPilots dialog (more help)
  • Study boat's polar (more help)

Routes Menu


  • Create a route opens the route creation dialog (more help)
  • Edit a route opens the same dialog to edit an existing route
  • Export a route with 2 options :
    • "détail" also exports all intermediary points i.e. one per vac, normally 5 mn.
    • the other choice exports only all the POIs belonging to the route.
  • Import a route either previously exported or generated with another program (frogtool or route bank marano).
  • Delete an existing route, you can keep or not the POIs belonging to this route.

Routings Menu


  • Create a routage (more help)
  • Edit an existing routing
  • Delete an existing routing

Marks Menu


  • Mass import opens a dialog that allows you to capture or to paste several POIs at once, in the form latitude,longitude@-1
  • Save/Restore all POIs and routes in poi.dat file. An automatic save if generated when the program exits.
  • Import POIs from zyGrib
  • Add a POI, same as right-click on the map and "insert a new POI".

Options Menu


  • Proxy Internet in case you need that to access Internet
  • Graphics parameters (more help)
  • VLM parameters (more help)
  • Planisphere :
    • Orthodromic distance: calculate a heading and a distance when you select a zone.
    • Options: Borders Rivers etc...
  • Language English / French

Most of these actions have keyboard shortcuts.

Help Menu


  • This wiki
  • About menus gives various version numbers