QtVlm create a route

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  • Eventually change the route's name
  • Various options:
    • Start point (can be boat's position or a POI)
    • start date and time option
    • Detect collision with coasts (only visible coasts are taken into consideration, so it depends on zoom level)
    • Optimize a route: automatically optimize each POI's position.
    • Simplify a route: This will remove all useless POIs (i.e. those that do not improve the final ETA)


    • VLM formula for VB-VMG; this is useful for sending order to auto pilot (see after)

By clicking on the 'AutoPilot' tab, you get this new panel:


  • If you click on "Load automatically", you will load the first POIs of the route (up to 6). vlm formula for VB-VMG is compulsary' for this to be allowed.
  • Then you can press "send Orders" to update VLM's autopilot automatically with your route.


On this tab you can see the roadBook (log book) of the route, at specifiable intervals.