QtVlm compass polar

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Compas QtVlm.jpg

Compass (upper image) and polar (image below), with function "Draw a heading" activated, for a boat centered on the tool:

  • Hdg : Wind Direction
  • Tws : True Wind Speed
  • Distance : Distance from boat
  • Twa : True Wind Angle
  • Bs : Boat Speed according to polar
  • Vmg-Wind : best VMG wind
  • Esteem : estimated time to reach point
  • Red zones are showing limits for upWind/downWind navigation.

Polaire QtVlm.jpg

Main commands:

  • Show/Hide Compass: key 'C'.
  • Show/Hide Polar: key 'L'.
  • Move Compass or Polar: left-click and drag.
  • Center the compass and/or the polar on the acive boat: from boat's right-click menu.
  • Draw a heading: right-click on the tool and select the option in the menu
  • End of function "Draw a heading": Right click and stop, or press ESC.