De VlmWiki

How ?

If you wish to contribute to VLM by correcting/translating it, here are the steps to follow :

  • Get last updated translation file
    • Open source management system here
    • Go to bottom of page and use Original Format link below Download in other formats:
    • Save file on your hard disk drive.
  • edit it with a text editor (Notepad++, JSPAD, UltraEdit)
    • Do not use MS Word or excel or openoffice or ...
    • Avoid tab character for indentation, use several spaces instead.
    • No recommandation for HTML tag (ex.  , &umlaut;, ...), you can use accentuated characters.
    • Prefix any single quote with a backslash character (\')
  • send back your version at dev (@) (or append in a newticket in the ticketing system).

If you need help ?

Use the dedicated forum

Thanks ! You are welcome to add a language not currently handled by Vlm.