QtVlm grib esteem

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By right-clicking on the map, on a boat or on a POI, you can get a contextual menu. One of the choices in this menu is "Draw a Grib esteem":


2 calculations mode can be selected and mixed:

  • An estimation with a constant wind angle (TWA)
  • And estimation with a constant heading (loxodromic)

The start date can either be:

  • The current grib's date
  • The date of the next vacation.

On the screen shot mode is set to TWA, and start date is at next vacation.

You can define up to 5 sections (Here the first is set to TWA=61° during 87 vacations). The esteem is drwn on the map and you can choose to keep or not the POIs. In this case esteem is red because a collision with coasts has been detected.

This is really useful for testing different options and find the best one.