QtVlm Polar Diagram

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Why provide a polar diagram?

The Polar Diagrams VLM can define a new type of boat available in the game. VLM favors polars corresponding to vessels or existing prototypes.

  • qtVlm in Virtual Race Mode - Use the polar assigned to the race.
  • qtVlm in Real Boat Mode - Will accept properly formatted polars for your boat.

The most current list of boat polars is: boats VLM

VLM & qtVlm Polar Format

The VLM & qtVlm Polars are available in csv file (comma separated values​​) http://www.virtual-loup-de-mer.org/Polaires/

The format is:

  • Extension of the file name. Csv
  • Separator ';' (semicolon)
  • Double-entry table
    • The first cell always contains 'TWA \ TWS'
    • The first line lists the wind forces. Vlm does not go beyond 60 knots of wind.

Beginning of each line ** gives the look, then each value corresponding to the shape and strength of the wind (column heading)

  • The digital data of the polar use a decimal point, 'that is the point.' An integer (no point ended) is valid.
  • Whites are valid (value = 0.0) but discouraged. Thank you for being explicit
  • Text file format is UNIX ie lines that are terminated by LF (Line Feed) and not CR (Carriage Return) and LF. A good text editor windows (PsPad or Notepad + +) knows rerecord this format.
 * If the previous line is obscure, report that you do not know by sending your file.

Where / Who to send the polar file?

  • The ideal method is to add a ticket space development VLM] (by attaching the file)
  • Otherwise, you can also send an email to vlm (at) virtual-winds.org.

Additional Tips

  • If you have pictures of the ship corresponding to the pole, it is perfect, it is sufficient to supply the Les_bateaux.