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What is Virtual Loup-De-Mer (VLM)?

VLM a web-based real-time Sailboat-routing simulation.

VLM uses real weather data (data for wind strength and direction are updated every 6 hours - GMT 3h40, 9h40, 15h40 & 21h40).

GRIB file is available here: GRIB files contains wind info in 3hour steps and 0.5° grid and is interpolated to be used in the game.

Boat polar charts are similar to real boats, and are identical standard and assigned for each race.

Boat speed and direction are updated every 5 minutes or 300 seconds (or less in some very short races) by the VLM Engine (Server) which computes the position of your boat at fixed times. This is known as a "vacation" ('crank' in english), which is the time between two calculations of your boat position. For special races the Crank time is mentioned in the Race Instructions.

Races will be organized frequently.


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