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Download and install

What are all these packages?

On Windows, the easiest way is to take the full "Full release for windows" (qtVlm_full.zip file), which contains all the elements needed to run the program. Other packages ("Binary for windows" and "General structure") only serve to limit the size of the download when you do not want to update a part of the program.

A == Where can I install QtVlm? ==

Anywhere on an internal or external drive, a USB key, on the desktop or elsewhere. The easiest way is to copy the file qtVlm_full.zip where you want to install the program and unzip it in the same place. This produces a file "qtVlm" in which the program is located qtVlm.exe launch. ( See here)

A == Where do we put the cards QtVlm? ==

The full version is already provided with a deck of cards (Grades 1-3) located in the directory "qtVlm \ maps \ GSHHS." But you can load maps more accurate and, after unzipping the file, add all the resulting files in the same directory. ( See here)

I == error message after launching an update (win_exe.zip) ==

Must unzip it and then retrieve the executable qtvlm.exe and copy it into the directory QtVlm. ( See here)

Before installing the new version, you must uninstall the old one?

  • Simply load the win_exe after decompression and place the new qtVlm.exe instead of the former ( See here)
  • You can also load a new version Full and placed twice on his record
  • To keep its old settings, you must recover files qtVlm.ini, and boatAcc.dat poi.dat and copy them to the new installation of QtVlm.

Using the = interface =

Use the compass

Use of Highways

How to view a == Road "qtVlm" in "Google Earth"? ==

1 in "qtVlm" save the route (menu "Route" menu item "Export Road") by placing the suffix ". Gpx" in the name of the target file.

2 in "Google Earth" (menu "File", submenu "Open ..."), then select the file created this by choosing "Gps" in the drop-down menu for choosing the type of import , and making sure that among the three checkboxes proposed that s "calling" Create KML elements LineStrings "is actually the.

Troubleshooting and Problems

No server connection VLM

  • ' 'Case 1: The weather map is changing, but my boat is not moving more:

1. Change server:

- Options \ Settings VLM \ Advanced \ Url

- Select s10 s11 or

2. Reregister his boat:

- Setting boats \ Select the boat \ Delete \ OK

- Login \ Password \ Add \ OK

3. Recreate his route:

- Routes \ Creating a new route

- Recreate its roads (providing, for convenience, the same names as before the failure).

4. After changing server reinstated his boat and recreated his way, everything returns to normal: the boat moves forward again found its WPs.

It remains only to re-materialize the road to the WPs reraccordant!

  • ' 'Case # 2: I can no longer start QtVlm

Manually change the server:

- My Computer \ C: \ Program Files \ QtVLM \ qtVlm_full-2.1 \ qtVlm \ qtVlm.ini

- 'QtVlm.ini' contains configuration settings: change the value of 'vlm_url':

vlm_url = 0 for the server S10

vlm_url = 1 for the server S11

  • Warning! It is possible that the two servers VLM is available between 1:00 and 3:00 UTC. Therefore think take steps by programming the security pilototo VLM!

I wanted to transform == point-route-QtVlm in WP-A VLM for my boat and it became my VLM WP-B on another boat race: ==

Your map centered on your boat route A.

You have changed the way point following in WP-VLM by using the right-click function on a point-route, then 'Brand -> WP'.

The point road in question turned from black to red.

But you later found that it was your boat B, embarked on another run, heading towards the WP-VLM!

The most likely explanation is the following:

You selected, initially the boat B in the drop-down menu in the toolbar to work on the road to B.

Then you went to the boat's A by using the command right click on the map, then 'Center map here' to see your boat and work on A Road A.

Unfortunately, before sending your order 'Brand -> WP' VLM, you forgot to select the A boat from the dropdown menu and it is entirely logical that the WP is came to register the account of the boat B remained active!.

  • 'Tip: Before you place an order from QtVlm to VLM, be sure to check the drop down menu is selected the right boat!

I replaced the original polar fleece and forced my way materializes more

You will need:

1. click 'Routes'

2. 'Edit a road'

3. select your route

4. in the Settings window, click on 'Submit'

The road originally scheduled will reappear!

I can no longer download the file zyGrib 7 days via the Menu bar \ GRIB File \ Download

You certainly have version 2.1-2. The functions 'download' and 'Info file' menu 'File GRIB' do not work on this version.

You need to install the latest version, instead of or in addition to your current version.

See here