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Types of races

Several kinds of races are organized on VLM.

  • Short races or regattas weekend (eg: Bonifacio / 35nm / 7h)
  • Races called "permanent" (eg: Record des Iles du Ponant / 500nm / + 50h)
  • Average Races (eg Belle Ile en mer - Marie Galante / 3500nm / 22j)
  • Big/long races (eg Rio de Janeiro - Auckland via the Cape of Good Hope / xxx nm / 45j).

The list of the present and future races is visible on the page Racing of VLM.


'Warning', read the instructions races (IC) on the forum http://www.virtual-winds.com/forum/index.php?showforum=276 inside the topic dedicated to the race.

In general, the start of the races is programmed to a certain date / time. The starting line may remain open for some time on some races (races on one day for average 3 days long, etc..)

Once the starting time, it is no longer possible to register the race, unless the line is open incur. Overall, better to be on time, even early. This allows to observe the course, to begin to observe the weather and to define the strategy for departure.

Races called "permanent record" are open for several weeks and allow to participate repeatedly. The total time of the race take into account the time of the effective departure (sessional commitment in the next race). In these races, for a given vessel, the time taken will be the best of all its participations. 'Warning:' if you are registered before the date of the opening race, the date of the departure will be considered the date of opening of the race If you are registered after the opening of the departure your departure date will be the date of your first pilot order.

Identical races can also be programmed to some days / week apart. This was the case for the race Rio - Auckland (3 departures) and the race Marseille - Dardanelles (two starts).

Sometimes there are two identical races at the same time on 2 different types of boats.

BO (aka Blackout): To spice up the competition a BO may be decided during the race or before the regatta by the creator of it. BO has the effect of not being able to know the position of other competitors. The length of BO is variable.


  • You can Suggest races
  • With the release of the race, is normally open topic on the forum, do not hesitate to ask for clarification if the course does not seem clear.