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"Constant heading"

CH02 en.PNG

This mode steers the boat on a constant bearing (for example : West = 270°). In this mode the boat follows a rumb-line course.

The boat bearing can either be update using the "<"and ">" buttons or by entering the desired course in the input box. When changing the boat bearing value, the estimated boat speed is updated in the "estimated speed" textbox, according to the current wind condition.

Once the desired course as been entered, click the "lock this heading" to validate the boat bearing.

"Constant wind angle"

Regulateur allure.png

  • Steers on a constant wind heading on a variable course determined by grib.

"Orthodromic pilot"

OP01 en.PNG

  • Uses a great-circle which is the shortest distance between any two points.

"Best VMG"

Best vmg.png

  • VMG, is "simply" the bearing that gives you the fastest approching speed to the goal using the current wind.



  • VBVMG integrates a tack to the goal and minimize the duration.

As a consequence, the VBVMG is often closer to the orthodromial route than best VMG (which does not mean it's always faster).

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