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= FAQ & Tutorials =
= FAQ & Tutorials =

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FAQ & Tutorials

How do I add other boats to my selection ?
How do I add a new boat to my VLM fleet?
How do I program a route with the AutoPilot?
Example : Enter in the Panama Canal.
How did I miss the gate. I did put @-1 in my waypoint settings.

Full Explanation here (not translated yet):"WP automatique" ou @-1

How do I lookup older races (Rankings, ICS, WPs)?
Why don't I see my next race waypoint if it is across the antimediran?
Example during Vlipper #6.

PS: This is a display bug that will eventually get corrected.
AutoPilot programming and DST time change.
VLM works in UTC time internally. Local times are avilable in the game for players convenience.
During DST time change, all local times correctly account for the current DST status at the programmation time.
The only tricky case comes up if you need to program the autopilot during the 2-3AM time frame on the night clock is set back one hour. Should this happen, it is best to double check the track estimate, and if necessary switch to UTC time display for this particular programming.