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Sebastien Abeillé started a really good work with this project till version 0.4. His life changed and he is now a bit away from VLM since late 2005. Thanks Sebastien for this stuff, well and cleanly developped. I just have to continue !


François Micaux, ( francois ** at virtual-loup-de-mer ** dot ** org ) I decided on October 2006 to continue the good job of Sebastien. I'm also hosting Virtual Loup de Mer on multiple dedicated servers I rent, installed and administer.


John-Pet, Phille, Mike, Horn, Sleeso, Sunburn, Manta, Pascal, Fred, Fanch, Phavie, DocteurX, Spifou, Oxygen77, Line28, Paparazzia, sbs, kernel_panic (and many others) ... almost all players gave ideas and some help as they can... Please help us : translations for the project or the docs, ...

I like this game. How can I contribute to make it better ?

   * As a player, you can report bugs and propose improvements (user interface, new functionality) in the forum.
   * You can write a manual of the game for beginners with screenshots.
   * You can propose any translation of the game. It is quick and easy. See includes/strings.inc to see how it works
   * You can propose logos, banners and CSS.
   * You can join the development team
   * You can propose some new speed charts (see the wiki [fr] )
   * You can share your knowledge of boats, skippers and navigation by helping the wikipedia project : Portail maritime
   * If you're an Imoca or Orma boat owner, you can propose to board us for a sailing trip:-)

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